Answers to commonly asked questions.

Do I have a fixed number of templates available or can I choose templates dynamically?

Initially, you will have a fixed number of templates at your disposal, which you can always refill. The number of templates in your content library depends on the selected package (you can choose between Basic, Premium and Enterprise), the templates you or an agency has created in advance and of course on how many templates are already set up in a project. However, as a future feature, we are planning a large template pool where designers can upload new templates on an ongoing basis, giving you access to a content library that is constantly expanding.

How do I set the correct sizes for story or feed posts?

You choose the dimension you want and your templates automatically adapt to the formats of the different channels you want to post to. "Social media needs to be simple and efficient." This is exactly why all content, you don't have to measure or modify anything yourself here.

How does mate help find engaging and diverse content for my social media posts?

Mate makes it easy for you to come up with ideas by providing you with a format library with a variety of high-quality templates! All you have to do is fill them out and you're ready to deliver varied social media content. You have the choice between formats for example:

  • employee introductions
  • new partnerships
  • survey results

and many more templates with which you can offer customers and potential customers a high added value through your social media posts!

How is it ensured that each company gets individually designed social media posts?

All social media posts designed with mate are therefore adapted to the respective company or corporate design, which is why they never look alike. This is exactly why mate offers you the possibility to define your corporate identity. It only takes a few steps until you have all formats available that match your CI.

  • Upload your brand logo
  • Choose your brand colors, from primary to secondary colors
  • Upload, if possible, your corporate design in the form of a style guide
  • Select your brand font
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