Ever heard of SaaSification? SaaS - Software as a Service, is now more than just a trend, as the use of SaaS tools has become indispensable, especially in the design sector.

So many service providers are giving away some of their knowledge and letting customers use the enterprise services themselves in their own internal systems. On the one hand, this enables the providers' systems to improve, faster growth is possible due to the expanded use, and on the other hand, the revenue sources diversify. So customers and companies benefit from this, because customers can soon expect better-maintained products and services, lower prices and better support. For both sides, complexity and the cost of scalability will decrease, while speed will increase.

And while designers will benefit greatly, since the foundation for such a SaaS tool in graphics and design must be created by them, the potential exists for new, better ways of working in every area of the business.

Such a software model is subscription-based, and vendors can finally properly assess their customers and tailor subscription contracts to the real needs of the businesses they serve. But not only are customers better served, subscription-based licensing provides the software vendor with the additional obvious benefit of a more consistent cash flow over a longer period of time - so it's a win-win situation!