According to the "Rule of Seven" by marketing guru, author and consultant Dr. Jeffrey Lant, potential customers only remember a brand in the long term after they have come into contact with it at least seven times within 18 months. When the time comes for them to buy a product or service, they naturally prefer brands that have already been remembered due to their constant presence. A very effective method to ensure recognition value with little effort are the designs of your social media posts. They catch the eye directly and are associated with your brand - if they are stringently designed in your corporate design! According to Brafton, the average bounce rate for a B2B website is 61%. This means that six out of ten website visitors leave without visiting another page. Create more touchpoints with just these prospects and recall your brand with posts.

There are several ways to incorporate your corporate design into your posts. These include shapes and elements as well as photo overlays in colors that match your brand, corporate fonts, and of course your logo. Even if the corporate colors and logo are only subconsciously noticed, the brand will gradually establish itself with your target audience. Recurring elements and format series can create additional recognition value and through the uniformity of the posts you can create a high-quality image.