When people first hear about Mate the first question coming to their mind is what’s the difference between Mate and common creation tools like Adobe Creative Cloud Express, which is the previous Adobe Spark. Let's answer this one once and for all and make it clear that Mate should in no way be compared to Adobe Creative Express.

Mate is not another design-tool

This is probably the most important difference. Mate stands for content production in under 5 minutes without any design efforts and is therefore rather an efficiency tool. Creation tools like Adobe Creative Express (Adobe Spark), empower every individual to become a designer themselves. For this use case Adobe Creative Express is perfect, as you can spend hours trying to be a designer and tinker around in the templates. But marketing teams in companies usually neither have the time nor the expertise to try themselves out as designers.

Mate on the contrary relieves teams in companies and accelerates the content production process, by providing stable templates, designed by top notch designers, which can’t be destroyed by marketers. This implies that missing capacities in the social media marketing department can be filled easily by using Mate.

Saving time by filling in pre-designed, stable templates vs. having full freedom of creativity

As the chart demonstrates it’s possible with Adobe Creative Express as well to insert your logo and adapt your visuals to your corporate colors or different social media formats. The difference to Mate here is that with Mate you marketers don’t have to worry about displacements of text or design elements, unattractive color combinations or illegible parts of their visuals by adjusting them to the corporate design or different formats.

Mate makes it its mission to let the design process be as simple as possible to allow the greatest possible time savings - content production in under five minutes!

Biggest pains of NGOs, SMEs and Groups

During our validation we realized  that one of the biggest pains when producing social media visuals is that with tools like Adobe Creative Express the process is often very nerve-racking, as each element itself can be moved, spacing is not automatically equal and you’re working on different layers is a pain since you can easily displace every single item.

This makes the visuals look unprofessional and messy very quickly. In these situations you usually need customer support, where another big difference lies. Mate provides personal and direct support, when there emerges a problem. This constitutes a bigger problem with Adobe Creative Express, as you have to describe your problem first in detail to a chatbot.

If you’re lacking capacities for professional designers or an accurate social media marketing team, you should try Mate, as it saves you a lot of time and makes it absolutely impossible to destroy your visuals or make it look unprofessional. With Mate you can have a full library of professionally designed templates which can be filled with new content over and over again whilst still looking varied from template to template. And not to forget: Always automatically designed in your corporate design.