We build the first content creation platform, that enables anybody to create visual content - without any design effort.
We launched Mate in 2020 as we realized that there is no solution that enables companies with a need for brand-safe, high-end visuals to create them in a frictionless way. Now we are providing our customers our software to produce their content in the most efficient way.

We are Mates.

At Mate we are growing a team that truly wants to commit to the companies vision to enable every company out there to produce stunning visual content. We love products, but even more so we love building it together. Therefore we believe in the core principles of true ownership, transparent communication and a healthy help culture so we can always learn the most from another.
Every Mate takes responsibility for their work to produce the best results for everything we are doing.

Customer first.

At Mate we truly believe that a customer-centric culture throughout the business is absolute key for its success. In each business unit we are trying to see things from our users’ perspective. This way we can always be sure to offer best value solutions that solve real problems.

Always be shipping.

True to the phrase “Better done than perfect” we are always delivering new features and improvements as fast as possible while trying to meet the highest quality standards. Once the features are out there in the real world we can learn much faster and gain insights first-hand on customer behavior. Shipping, testing and iterating is basically combining our customer first approach with our trust in data.

Data never lies.

There are many great ideas out there about new features, product enhancements or even business models. At Mate we are focusing on making our decisions based on data we collect. It provides a common base for our whole team and doesn’t put someone's opinion above someone else’s, just because of their position, experience or alike.

Forgiveness over permission.

As Mates we don’t ask for permission. Every team member has his/her responsibilities and takes ownership for the results. When in doubt we rather do things based on our own  expertise than waiting for someone else to tell us. We believe it’s better to tackle things that might not work out than not trying it in the first place.

Great UX always wins.

Besides focusing on WHAT problems our customer are struggling with, it is also our mission to find the best possible ways on HOW to solve them.
We are convinced that a great and smooth user experience is a main reason why customers love a product and why they want to keep using it.
Leonie Retemeier
Fritz Putzhammer
Project Manager
Marco Sussiek
CEO & Co-Founder
Andreas Tepel
Head of Product & Co-Founder
Moritz Retemeier
Head of Marketing & Co-Founder
Tim Rose
Junior Software Engineer
Dr. Ulrich Schoof
Strategic Advisor
Mareike Neumayer
Content Creator
Leonie Berghoff
Junior Marketing Manager
We enable marketers, agencies and all other human beings to produce awesome content – without any design effort. Save time and be more efficient while generating visuals that stand out.
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