5 Templates for Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises

How to create intelligent social media content to stay ahead of the competition.
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Small and medium-sized enterprises, SMEs for short or KMUs in Germany, don’t always have it easy. With the size of their operations, they have to reach potential customers not just locally but usually on a national and often even international level. At the same time, they can rarely compete with the multi-million euros marketing budgets of large multinational corporations. This is where social media marketing shines. With the right kind of content, social media enables SMEs to reach audiences of millions in the most cost-effective way. More than that, rather than just forcing an audience to view your message, like with a traditional ad, good social media content engages viewers and binds them to your brand as followers.  

Of course, doing social media right costs time. Engaging content needs to be thought off, created and posted regularly, ideally daily, or at least multiple times a week. Luckily, Mate is here to help SMEs with that. Mate offers your business expertly designed content templates for every occasion. All that’s left to do for you is to fill in the templates you want to use each week and Mate delivers your final content, ready to post, within seconds.

To further help you in selecting the right content for your company, we have selected our five favorite templates for small and medium-sized enterprises on social media to reach customers, build trust, convey expert status and let your company shine as an employer.
1. The Headliner
Brevity is the soul of wit. On social media you want to catch people's attention fast and our classic headline template is designed to do just that. Share important company milestones or announce upcoming events in two lines of text or less. The concise but bold messaging, combined with your company's custom branding and the template's expert animation guarantees that your content will remain in your audience's memory.
2. The News
Of course, we understand that not all content can be reduced to just two lines. Sometimes, an issue deserves a closer look. This is where Mate's news template comes in handy. The multi-slide structure of this format allows for enough space to go in-depth with your messaging, whether that be via plain text or in the form of a list. The design and animation of the template ensures that viewers won't lose interest half way through.
3. The Employer Quote
One of the biggest advantages SMEs have over larger companies in marketing is their people and relatability. Your company is not a soulless multinational mega-corporation and your social media should reflect that. The employer quote template is a great and easy way to show-off the human side of your enterprise. Getting to know the people working for your company and seeing their faces will bind people to your brand and build up brand relatability in no time.
4. The Expert
Often, SMEs are focussed on very particular fields, in which they have achieved the highest level of expertise. This expert status can act as a great selling point and differentiator to the competition and as such should be prominently displayed in your social media content as well. Mate's expert template is designed to convey this expert status through hard numbers. Use interesting facts, statistics or surveys from your field and create added-value content to surprise and impress your audience with.
5. The Job Offering
Lastly, social media content marketing can also be used as a great tool to make your company more attractive to potential employees. Mate's stylish and informative job ad template makes it easy for you to inform your audience about new offerings and open positions, as well as, convey all the necessary information needed related to those positions.
Those are just five out of the many effective templates you can use with the Mate studio software. All Mate templates can be customized with your company's own corporate design and branding and can be used either statically or animated, however a situation demands it.
Of course, Mate is not just limited to its library of pre-designed templates. You have an idea for a custom template or use case you want to cover with Mate? Our Team is happy to create the perfect custom template for you.
We believe that social media marketing is the perfect tool for smaller and medium-sized companies to make themselves heard and we believe that creating effective content should be fun and not a chore. Mate studio is designed to help you with the most time-consuming aspects of content marketing and help you to reach your goals online in the most cost-effective way.
We enable marketers, agencies and all other human beings to produce awesome content – without any design effort. Save time and be more efficient while generating visuals that stand out.
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