Create Social Content again, again and again

Produce agency-like content within minutes.
No design skills needed.

Mate directly integrates all your Ad Managers

Templates for
each situation - constantly expanding

  • With Mate you have access to a pool of high-end social media templates especially created to attract your followers in a brand-safe way. The pool of well-designed templates is expanding as our network of world-class designers is steadily growing.

Fill in with ease & without effort.

1. Choose one of the countless templates from our content library.
2. Fill in the text fields with your own content.
3. Insert individual pictures.
4. Done.

Now you can export your template exactly as you need it - story or feed post/image, animated video or multislide post.

All Integrations.

If you or an agency already created eye-catching social media templates for you, just import and use them in Mate.

Multifunctions for an easy life.

Get content inspiration from our pool of social media templates.

Create brand-safe content by setting your own CI Guide.

Autolayout all your texts.

Enjoy easy crossdepartmental collaboration

With Mate you can collaborate with colleagues all over your organization and centralize your whole visual and video production for social media posts, ads and many other use cases.
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Select your source.

You can import variables from several sources. You can connect .csv Files, .xlsx Files, AirTables or even Google Docs to fullfill your selected Variables.

Connect columns with variables.

You can not just only import texts from your data source but also images, Colors and much more.

Reduce render times to approx. 30 sec.

Your creatives are rendered in several seconds - it does not matter whether you want to have 100 or even 1.000.

Start scaling your Content Marketing with Mate.

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We enable marketers, agencies and all other human beings to produce awesome content – without any design effort. Save time and be more efficient while generating visuals that stand out.
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