For a few days now, there has been only one topic on the web: the new social media app Clubhouse. Founders Paul Davison and Rohan Seth call the app a "drop-in audio chat". We have summarized for you:

1. What is the concept behind it?

2. Short Clubhouse guide

3. Tips on how to use the app

4. The main criticisms

5. How can I get an invitation quickly?

1. What is the concept behind it?

  • audio-only app
  • different rooms with certain topics, which are discussed, resemble a live podcast
  • allows conversations between two or more people or discussions with up to 5500 listeners
  • you have access to the app only by invitation
  • Once you get an invitation and log in to the app, you have two more invitations that you can send to other people. This limited access has probably contributed a lot to the hype of the platform. 

2. Short Clubhouse Guide

Specify interests

After receiving an invitation, you can log in with your cell phone number. After that, you can specify your interests based on some categories to find interesting rooms for you later. If you let the app access your contacts (not mandatory), contacts who are also participants will be suggested directly. Other people who match your interests will be suggested to you in the next step. You have the possibility to follow them.

Find people and open rooms

In the app you can find open rooms, which are suggested to you based on your interests and people you follow. The "magnifier” also offers the possibility to search for other people or groups, so-called clubs, freely by the search line or by categories. Under "Explore" you can find more open rooms, which are suggested to you.

The calendar

Here you can see planned rooms or topics, which are scheduled for a certain time. You can add them directly to your calendar and set to be notified. You can add your own event to the calendar and add co-speakers or guests.

„Start a room"

Here you can, as the name suggests, start your own room in which you are the speaker or one of the speakers. You can choose between "Open", rooms that are open to all Clubhouse participants, "Social", rooms with people you follow and "Closed", rooms whose participants you select. For each room you create, you can specify a topic in advance. As a speaker, you can moderate the room and bring people who have joined the room to the "stage" so they can contribute to the discussion.

In the room

You can join any room whose topic interests you. Here you interact as a silent listener. You also have the opportunity to raise your hand to contribute or ask questions (provided you get your turn). Under the "+" in the room, you can "Ping someone into the room" to invite people into the room.

3. Five tips for using the platform

1. Search for accounts and clubhouses in your niche to find suitable rooms.

2. Follow accounts you are interested in to get notified when they talk about certain topics.

3. Synchronize your profile of other social media platforms with Clubhouse to give people the opportunity to find you.

4. Take advantage of the opportunity to get questions answered by experts in your industry. Due to the limited access to Clubhouse, the circle is still relatively small, which increases the chance of interaction with experts.

5. Connect with your target group. Get to know them better and make new connections by exchanging ideas about topics in your industry.

4. Main criticisms

There are some criticisms of the Clubhouse app, and the post shown in the cover image in particular has already been hotly debated, as it raises many controversial criticisms. Among others:

  • excluding non-IOS users
  • hate and discrimination can spread arbitrarily
  • barrier for deaf people

According to the Clubhouse founders, the app will soon be accessible to Android users. Since the team currently consists of only nine people, this is not yet possible due to capacity constraints, they said. To combat discrimination and hate, users can already be reported or removed from rooms. Probably the biggest problem is the exclusion of deaf people. A good way to integrate them would be, for example, the possibility of a live subtext.

5. How do I get an invitation quickly?

And now for the big question: How do I get an invitation, if I don't know anyone who has one to spare and I also don't want to buy an invitation on Ebay?

  1. Via the bot set up especially for this purpose by the legal consultancy WBS. The principle is very simple. Log in and by clicking on the "magnifying glass" you have the possibility to get an invitation. In return, you should also offer the two invitations you receive after the Clubhouse login. For this you just have to click on the "gift". You can find detailed instructions by following the link:
  2. Via the Telegram group "🎙️ Doppelgänger Podcast 🏠 Clubhouse Schleuserbande". Again, be sure to share your invites in the group afterwards. Here's the group:

Have fun checking it out!