As electronic word-of-mouth is easily accessible online, consumers are looking more and more often for relevant product information from other consumers who may have more experience or knowledge on the products or service they are interested in. While traditional word-of-mouth usually just reaches a small number of people, like e.g. some friends or family members, electronic word-of-mouth reaches far more people, because it’s accessible for the whole online world.

According to recent research, word-of-mouth influences the decisions of consumers more than information sources created by the market like e.g. advertising or newspapers. Also recent literature states that positive word-of-mouth has a high influence on the decision-making of consumers, but negative word-of-mouth can have an even higher impact, which is due to the fact that unsatisfied customers are telling more often about their negative experiences than satisfied customers do with their positive experiences. This is why we should on the one hand try to avoid negative experiences and herewith negative word-of-mouth, but on the other hand it’s even more important to create a great experience for your customers to motivate them to and to let them want to tell people about it.

How you could do it? Well, first you should try to do it by…

  1. making evaluations easy for them.
    We all know it, if everything went well and we are satisfied with the service or product we mostly take it for granted and don’t even think about evaluating it, while when we are dissatisfied and feel anger about a recent purchase, we tend to want to spread those negative experiences. That’s why we should make evaluations easy for customers, so that it’s not a waste of time for them. We could also remind them and ask to evaluate after the purchase or even provide a discount after doing it.

  2. providing a FAQ to anticipate doubts or questions.
    Dissatisfaction often results from bad service or bad explanations and of course long waiting times. So, we could provide some answers to our customers without them even having to ask for it. These could include questions about usage, implementation, construction or similar. You could just include all the questions which are frequently asked about your product or service on your website or social accounts.

  3. creating informational social media content to offer added value.
    With a great content and social media marketing strategy you can transmit a professional image of your company and make your brand appear more often on your target markets screen, so they have the possibility to interact with it more often. It’s important to provide added-value, which helps your customers and can be shared or discussed with other potential customers. This leads to higher engagement between customers and your company, builds trust and makes customers be more likely to spread positive word-of-mouth about your brand. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more tips on how you can accelerate your social media marketing and enhance your possibility for positive word-of-mouth.