According to a Hootsuite study LinkedIn posts with images have a 98% higher comment rate on average. Another proof that you should invest the needed time into the creation of your Social Media visuals. Since the time you should invest is a lot, you might search for ways to minimize it. We have a big recommendation for you, as it is quite simple: use auto layouts and create amazing templates, which you can refill every time you have new engaging content you want to share with your community. 

Why should you use auto layout? 

  1. The sizes are always the right ones for the different channels. You can read more about the perfect sizes for the different channels here.
    - It avoids pixelation and awkward image stretching.
    - Your photos will be optimized for each social channel’s feed to increase engagement.
    - It ensures your audience sees the full photo.

  2. Every non-designer can autonomously create attention-grabbing visuals and videos.
    - The destruction of the visuals isn’t possible anymore as you don’t have to move pixels at all.
    - The process is more efficient and much faster, because less people are involved in the Social Media post creation.

  3. All your posts are unified and CI conform, but still individual.
    - As you can set your Corporate Design once, every visual and every video will be CI conform. Why this is so important, you can find out here.
    - Your posts and the whole feed look very professional and high-quality, because the design is always similar and especially the spacings are always the same.
    - The posts can still be very individual, if you have a big choice of different templates and different variants from every single one, like for example employee introductions or pie-charts. If you need inspiration or are interested in our Mate template library, just check it out

Performing optimizations is one thing, but maintaining these improvements is much more difficult, as experience has shown. And this is precisely where standards come into play. They serve to establish and standardize optimized processes and thus ensure the quality achieved. And this is exactly what you can do with your optimized Social Media visuals. Templates are advised in all areas to standardize workflows and make them more efficient. This should also be possible for Social Media posts! A common counter-argument for templating the Social Media posts: 

"All posts should be individual and the feed should remain varied and interesting." 

But the concern that templating will make the feed look rigid and lose variability is unwarranted. Mate offers a large content library from which users can choose freely, so you have a high variability and your feed looks not only diverse, but unified and CI compliant as well.

For sure you have to invest some time into the creation of your templates, but as soon as they are ready you can minimize your Social Media time investment by a multiple. If you need any help just contact us, we would be happy to help you or let our designers create beautiful templates for you!