According to a study from Stanford University facts are 22 times more memorable, when they are wrapped in a story!

Stories are by far more memorable than dry facts. Because our brain processes stories as if we were experiencing them ourselves. And of course: by getting told a story our brain produces pictures, which are creating emotions. Did you know, that by addressing emotions of both the storyteller and the audience, a neurochemical called oxytocin is released in our brain, which increases a person’s trust and makes us feel better connected with the storyteller?

Oxytocin helps us to identify with the protagonist of a story. We suffer through the ups and downs together with the main character. A simple trick to induce the release of this neurotransmitter is to include something personal about yourself in the story you are telling. An anecdote from one's own life is enough to become close to the audience.

Since ever humans told each other stories like fables or fairy tales. There are also some very known stories of brands. Do you remember...

... when Felix Baumgartner did a parachute jump from the stratosphere together with Redbull?

… the story of the infamous garage, where Steve Jobs built the first Apple computers?

You obviously don’t need to organize a stratosphere jump or similar for your storytelling. Just try to create a memorable experience for your audience! We can do that by applying following key story elements:

❤️ Be emotional

🎯 Communicate simple and straight to the point

👥 Contain goals, wishes or problems of your audience

🌟 Show your brand’s personality

Here’s another tip on how we can get across an emotional story easily on Social Media: Try to use Multi-slide Posts! You can tell your story step by step and there is no danger of overloading the single slides with information. With Mate you can create Multi-slide Posts within seconds! Try it out and connect with your audience on another level, because trust leads to loyal and recurring customers.