There are some tools out there for rendering video. For example the Adobe Media encoder is a great one to do so... Everything’s fine – until you want to produce videos at a larger scale.

Why would you do so? Well, to be most effective with your ad campaigns there’s no way around customising the creatives for your target audiences. Matching language, location, product, field of interest, job title and age are just a few ways to approach them on a highly individual level. Combining these parameters can easily lead to 100, if not 1000, variants of your ad creative.

Coming back to rendering those with Adobe: Because it’s done in a one-by-one manner it would take about 1,5 hours for 100 videos (depending on the performance of your computer).

Plus, we all know: We’d be having a really hard time working on that computer for this period of time.

So let’s not even imagine the torture one would have to go through for rendering 1000 ads.

But luckily with Mate this is a thing of the past!

Mate is finally empowering anyone to produce customised creatives for their audiences at scale. No matter how many videos you want to produce. Mate’s technology is capable of rendering 1000 unique creatives in 36 seconds and thereby shaking up the performance marketing world.

Want to see a real life example? The Wagner case, where they used location-based customized ads, is a great example to enjoy Mate’s unusually fast rendering process.

Enjoy easy ad campaign implementation

If you already have designed an ad creative in Figma, Photoshop or After Effects etc. you can directly let us import your file into Mate and get started in no time.

If not, we are happy to support you with creating an individual ad template fitted to your brand and campaign - just contact us!

Try Mate and enjoy the easiest and quickest ad creation process ever!