Without a cheat sheet on which you can find all the sizes, it is very time-consuming to look up the current measurements for the social media posts every time. But if you don't look it up, it can happen that you use the wrong size and parts of the image are cut off or the quality is just not right. So we decided to create a cheat sheet, which gives you the relevant sizes of the different platforms - all at a glance. Without having to google before each post, which formats are optimal.


On LinkedIn, we recommend using square visuals for feed posts (1:1 format), the optimal pixel size for this is 1200x1200 px. You should pay attention to the fact that the dimensions for link posts are different than for normal feed posts. For example, if you link your blog post and want to use a suitable visual, you should create it in landscape format, optimal size 1200x628 px.


Here, too, we recommend feed posts in 1:1 format. The optimal size for this is 1080x1080 px. For Instagram Story, however, you should use visuals in portrait format (16:9). The optimal size for Story posts is 1080x1920 px.


You should post Facebook posts in landscape format. For feed and link posts, the recommended size is 1200x630 px. However, if the use case allows it, it is also possible to post in 1:1 format here. In this case the recommended size is 1200x1200 px.

If you always have the mate cheat sheet at hand, you will save yourself some time and nerves, as all visuals can be posted in optimal quality. Of course, the values are only guidelines, but if you stick to them, not much can happen!

If you need help creating your social media posts, just contact us. We'll be happy to help!

Mate's cheat sheet for visual production of your social media posts: