"I always wanted to be an entrepreneur". Moritz loves Unimaginable at the time, Moritz - now an entrepreneur himself - now feels that way every week. His work is not just a job, but for him it means building something that has relevance, that has a real benefit. Moritz became co-founder of sentibar at an age when others didn't even know what they wanted to do for a living. Without hesitation, he seized the opportunity that came his way: the right idea, the perfect team, and the foundation in the Bielefeld Founders Foundation. "Good entrepreneurs don't wait for the right moment - they make the right moment out of the current situation. Many have a good idea - the crucial thing is the implementation, which is where the wheat is separated from the chaff."

As a founder, you need such a "doer's instinct," Moritz thinks. And you have to be able to sell as an entrepreneur. Himself, the company, the services, values, attractiveness for job candidates or investors. And he can do that: Moritz is passionate about marketing and sales.

40% creativity - 60% strategy

He doesn't just rely on instinct - for him, successful marketing is 40 percent creativity and intuition and a whopping 60 percent strategy. Moritz is a friend of key figures: "Marketing that cannot be measured is purely a matter of luck. And you shouldn't rely on that alone. I'm in favor of a clear strategy, which is then creatively implemented."

But Moritz is not just a strategist who keeps his eye on the ball. In Sales, he has learned how important empathy is as well: "In the beginning, Sales was more talking for me, today it's more listening. I also rely a lot on my instincts when it comes to asking for more information and when it might be better to simply wait and see.

Being able to listen is also an important quality for Moritz in customer meetings. In many customer meetings with marketing managers from B2B companies, he has thus developed a feeling for where sentibar's customers really need support and which solution serves them best. Currently, for example, he sees the challenge for many companies to really continuously produce content for the relevant communication channels. "Many have recognized the relevance of content marketing, but when it comes to implementation, there is a lack of time, manpower and sometimes stamina - content marketing is not a sprint, but an endurance sport," says Moritz.  

"Under high pressure, I find it even easier to motivate myself to keep fighting my way back into the game."

Staying on the ball continuously and persistently: that not only helps him himself in marketing and sales, but it's also what the athletic 21-year-old practices in his private life. In addition to running and golf, Moritz has been playing tennis for many years. "Here, too, I think it's about not giving up for an extremely long time. There is no time limit on the game - accordingly, you always have the chance to turn the match around, regardless of whether you are down 0:6, 0:5. That's exactly what I enjoy and what fascinates me. Under high pressure, it's even easier for me to motivate myself, to keep fighting my way back into the game." A motto that Moritz also wants to use to lead his customers to success in content marketing.