How you benefit from our Mate community

The Mate community should provide opportunities for exchange and connect all parties - with the goal of perfecting your social media.

What specifically did we have in mind?

The heart of Mate beats for well-designed templates for any use case. That's why we have already started to build up a large format pool together with media designers and designers, which is now constantly growing and becoming more and more varied.
To make sure that in the future your contributions fit exactly to your company and your goals, brand and design experts will take care of the design of your formats in your individual corporate design.

And you can help as well

Share your best practices and know-how. Network with other community members and support them with questions or problems.
You have feature requests that we should definitely consider in the development of mate? Let us know! We will share the planning of our future updates with you. You can vote directly via a list and up-vote features that are important to you.