Quick overview

  • Customer: LBS Immobilien GmbH NordWest, Münster
  • Product: Real Estate Trading
  • Goal: Development of a sustainable content marketing strategy and relaunch of the LBS Immobilien online presence with relaunch of the LBSi website in combination with automated social media templates from Mate Studio software. LBSi wants to enable anybody to produce content, because many people together can create even more content pieces.

Initial situation

LBS Immobilien GmbH NordWest is one of the largest German brokers for residential real estate with over 13,500 brokered properties worth more than 3 billion euros annually. Nevertheless, a clear strategy for online communication, especially on social media, was missing for a long time. In combination with the creation of a new LBSi website, the company turned to Mate for sustainable strategy consulting and the ability to create high-quality social media content on a regular basis in the future, without much design effort. In addition to this, they wanted to enable anybody to create content for the relevant social media accounts. Herewith they see the potential to gather more interesting content from several company departments.


To develop a solid content marketing strategy, we first laid the groundwork, in the form of a concise but holistic audit of LBSi's online presence. A series of analyses provided us with the answers to crucial questions:

  • KPI-analysis: what are the most important online metrics for the case and where do we see the greatest potential for improvement?
  • SEO-analysis: How visible is LBSi currently online and which keywords are crucial for it? How does LBSi compare to other major real estate dealers and brokers in SEO ranking?
  • Competitor-analysis: How do LBSi's competitors operate online and what insights can be gained from this?
  • Buyer-persona-analysis: Which target groups does LBSi want to reach online and what makes up these target groups?
  • Social-listening- & best-practices-analysis: How do social media users interact with LBSi content? How are content and social media appearances designed and what can we learn here from common best practices?

Strategy & template development

With the insights gained from the audit phase, a holistic online communication strategy was designed for LBSi. At the core of this strategy are the new LBSi social media formats, which can be created in seconds using Mate Studio software, and without the need for expensive external designers or internal graphics departments.

Matched to the corporate design of LBS Immobilien GmbH NordWest, LBSi's new content series and social media formats cover a variety of common use cases. Whether a new property is to be introduced or a new employee, whether exciting knowledge is to be imparted or an emotional story is to be told, with Mate Studio LBSi is equipped for every content case.

To ensure that the new formats also reach the right target groups, an individual platform strategy was also developed for LBSi using the findings of the buyer-persona and social-listening analyses, with which the company can optimally reach the right users in the future with the perfect formats and content on the suiting channels. In order to ensure even more efficient strategy implementation in the future, an optimized process strategy was also created for LBSi, which organizes daily, weekly and monthly processes for the company and maps them in the most effort-efficient manner.


By conducting a holistic social media audit and designing a fresh and sustainable content marketing strategy, all of LBSi's goals and expectations were met and exceeded.
The integration of the new social media templates into Mate Studio software allows LBSi to create its own content in seconds, completely without in-house design effort, in high-quality animated video formats for all online channels used. Because of this efficiency gain, LBSi's content frequency on social media increased significantly in the first few weeks of using Mate Studio. Instead of 2- 3 posts monthly, fans of LBSi can now expect new content on social media daily.

To ensure that there is never a shortage of new content, in addition to LBSi's internal content, Mate supplies LBSi with additional external content on a monthly basis, tailored to LBSi's topics and interests and ready-prepared by Mate Studio software.

Online activities of the LBSi can be followed live on the LBSi NordWest website, as well as the LBSi social media channels Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.