„Thinking about design is hard, but not thinking about it can be disastrous.“ Ralph Caplan, an American design consultant is referring to the great importance of design for companies appearance and performance, which is also underlined by a study from McKinsey, in which they collected data of 300 publicly listed companies over a five-year period in multiple countries and industries. Hereby they found correlations between a high design index of these companies accessed by the McKinsey team and superior business performance, measured by the companies’ revenue growth and total returns to shareholders.

Impressive results here were that the design-focused companies scored 32 percentage points higher revenue growth and 56 percentage points higher TRS growth for the period as a whole. That also strongly states that design isn't just about "making things pretty" anymore.

At first glance, design seems like an additional element that makes a product, its packaging, as well as websites and social media posts pretty and appealing, the cherry on top of the cake. But that’s not what it’s about anymore. It's about making things more understandable and functional. The trend went to receding purely aesthetic design principles behind the intended use determining the form. Furthermore, design should be used in a way that the user understands and can find and use the information or functions in an ideal way.

And that is exactly how we at Mate think about design. We do not want to create beautiful content to be just beautiful and good looking – we want to create content that is easy to consume, fits to the brand and then on top is great looking as well. With design we want to illustrate interrelationships, data, your company’s image and its vision, which would not be possible by using a simple creation tool ourselves. Our templates are agency-like as they are created by top-notch designers, who include more sense than just a nice appearance in their designs. If you are interested in all these design-related topics and would be keen to get to know more about it from professional designers, please leave us a short feedback 👉 m.retemeier@mate-studio.com Let us know! ☺️