With Mate you can now export your templates exactly as you need them – as a single static image or as an animated multi-slide video clip. Or even a combination of both: with carousel posts, self composed to your needs.

59,3% of marketers, who were surveyed by databox, said that video formats drive more ad clicks on Facebook than images and also confirm that in Social Media posts video content by far generates more engagement with their users as well. It forces scrolling users to stop and pay an extra second of attention to the post. According to the “Wyzowl Video Marketing Statistics 2021” also 96% of consumers say the amount of video content they’ve watched online has increased, because of the pandemic, which confirms the statements of the surveyed marketers. So you should definitely include video into your Social Media feeds.

Most important, check which formats work best for your audience and then integrate a great mix between video and image. Static quotes, animated numbers,... Keep it versatile and interesting for your audience.

With Mate you can now easily ensure this variety and use a bunch of different templates. You can also use your templates and individually arrange your multi-slide and carousel posts with varying numbers of slides. Once you're done with editing you can now not only export it in different sizes for each of your Social Media channels, but also quickly export your content as you need it – whether it’s one mp4 video file or seperate PDFs, so you can post it as a carousel on LinkedIn. Same goes for all single slide formats as well. 

You have a great flexibility to export the templates in many different ways to ensure your feed is as diverse as possible. Besides, the download is very fast, so the entire process is extremely time-efficient and you won't have to wait long for your files.