Mate offers a high variety of features that allow you to create high-quality content with very little effort. Important for presenting a high-quality image in social media is the CI-conform design of your posts.

Smart production without pixel shifting

Now when you produce content with mate, all design elements are responsive, meaning they automatically and intelligently adapt to your text content. You don't have to change anything. No pixel shifting, no font adjustment or thinking about which color fits which background.

So you can finally create corporate design optimized content safely and quickly.

Mate offers you the possibility to define your corporate identity. It takes only a few steps until you have all the formats available to match your CI.

  • Upload your brand logo
  • Choose your brand colors, from primary to secondary colors
  • Upload, if possible, your corporate design in the form of a style guide
  • Select your brand font

From then on, our designers will design your formats 100% customized for your corporate colors, fonts and style guidelines. So your brand is always instantly recognizable and your social media posts match your appearance in real life!