The search for appealing and diverse content for your Social Media posts often causes problems? The good thing is, every company has so much fodder for Social Media content that we could easily provide you with a new post every day. To make brainstorming easier, we're building a custom format library for you. A selection of formats that you can use over and over again in a standardized way. Typical formats are for example employee introductions, to get close to your customers and especially to build "trust" or infographics, to promote the expert status of your company and present yourself as a "thought leader". 

Mate makes it easy for you to find ideas by providing you with a format library with a variety of high-quality templates! All you have to do is fill them out and you're ready to deliver varied Social Media content. You can choose between formats for...

  • Employee introductions
  • new partnerships
  • survey results

... and many more templates with which you can offer customers and potential customers a high added value through your social media posts! Together with our team of top-notch designers, we set up your format library. We always take your marketing goals into account. If you have further ideas for formats, you can contact us at any time and we will expand the library for you.