Accelerate your content creation process through collaborative work!

With Mate, you'll be able to plan and control the entire content creation process, so your content ideas will come to life much faster.

  • Collect content ideas
  • Upload photos and videos
  • Give feedback and comment on photos, videos and text 
  • Notify your colleagues
  • Share the final content

Since content production usually involves multiple people, each contributing different parts, the process often takes more time and nerves than it should. With Mate, you can simplify and speed up the process by putting everything in one place: ideas, text, images, videos and sharing in one place, right where you need it.

Invite your mates, no matter what department or organization they're in. Collect ideas for new content with them and turn them into reality right away. Tag your colleagues for open to-dos and they'll be notified at the touch of a button. They can then respond directly via email to give their feedback or upload images and video footage. So you've got everything back centralized in Mate.

So lengthy feedback loops for each post and complicated communication across different tools will soon be a thing of the past!