Mate is probably the easiest way to create outstanding visuals and videos with absolutely no design skills at all! Now you also have integrated character limits, so that you can make sure that your social media visuals aren’t overloaded with text and to make them look professional and eye-catching!

First: If you are worried about restricting your flexibility by templating your whole social media visual creation, let us tell you: You will be surprised how accelerating such templates are for your workflow and that these concerns aren’t necessary at all.

We can tell that if you have for example a restriction of 100 characters on your template you won’t be stopped writing right after you reach this limit. You are still able to write down more, so it’s more like recommended text lengths. You get a notification that you crossed the limit which is set to indicate the maximum length for content that still looks good. So it  would be useful to orientate on this limit to not overload your images or videos.

And what’s best: By using Mate and templating your social media posts you will directly notice that having set all the design steps, like character lengths of your texts, positioning of images or even the right sizes of each post, makes your whole workflow more efficient and productive. In the long term also the generation of ideas will be faster, as with your templates and format ideas you directly know what kind of content to search for. Big number format? Let’s search for some facts and stats! Employee introduction? So I need to search for a picture, a statement and to write a short introduction! It will save you so much time and creativity.

P.S.: We got some feedback from users who already create visuals with Mate who were first also concerned that the templates could be restrictive for their workflow. They recently confirmed that they are enthusiastic about how Mate and it’s templates are accelerating their process!

So keep in mind that visuals should never be cluttered, as this makes the entire post look unprofessional and deterrend. We also recommend splitting your content either across multiple slides or placing further information in your post caption. In Mate you can of course also use such multi-slide posts as templates in a professionally designed way.

Try Mate and find out if your workflow and the generation of content gets faster and more productive for you as well!