The goal of every marketer: to maximize the recognition of their brand in order to be remembered when customers come to the point of purchase decision.

Nielson states that the idea that consumers “engage” with brands is only true for a small set of consumers and high involvement categories and brands. But most consumers don’t have the time nor the desire to engage with a brand, so they don’t spend a lot of time thinking about their purchases. According to Ehrenberg-Bass and based on multiple studies of consumer product purchase behavior the  average consumer spends 13 seconds purchasing a brand in-store. Online purchases do not run much differently. Usually the decision is made based on habit, which means because of previous purchases or “instinct”, through “mental availability” which includes brands/products which come directly to the consumer’s mind.

These results are showing us that maximizing the number and strength of brand-linked memory structures is key to increasing mental availability of a brand. How could we maximize these touch-points in order to boost our brand recognition?

  • Popping Design
    Stand out with your design, communicate a professional presence through it and link your corporate design with your brand’s identity. You should integrate your corporate colors, fonts, design elements and your logo into your social media posts in order to be present and maximize your brand recognition. Support your audience with useful and informative content while they internalize your corporate design.
  • Rule of Seven
    Ever heard of it? It states that you have to be present for potential customers at least seven times within 18 months in order to be remembered. So link your design with your social media posts, so that potential customers subconsciously recognize your brand design and automatically remember your brand when it comes to that 13 seconds window of purchase decision. If you’re keen to get to know more about the famous Rule of Seven click here and check out our article about this topic.

Try it out and boost your brand recognition through top notch design on social media. If you need help with designing your visuals and videos professionally or with animating your videos please contact us!