Create +100 ad creatives for personalized speeches in less than 1 minute? Easier than ever with Mate Studio! Mate doesn’t only transform the content production for your Social Media posts into the most time-efficient process without any design effort. Now you can use Mate as well for your Social Media ad campaigns and create vast amounts of personalized ads in less than a minute.

A best practice for personalized ad campaigns

The company Nestlé Wagner GmbH is currently playing out an absolute best practice for location-based targeting with its personalized advertising campaign at city level. This case proves to us how relevant the high number of creatives is in performance marketing. The use cases here are diverse: on the one hand, for A/B testing of formulations, addresses, CTAs, etc., and on the other hand, for precisely such personalization purposes.

However, creating more than 100 creatives within a few minutes is fundamentally not trivial. Of course, there are tools like Templater that use JSON files to populate After Effects files, but the render process is not the most efficient one.

How is the process implemented?

Via upload options such as CSV, XLS, G-Doc or AirTable, desired variables of a visual for an ad can be filled as often as desired and exported as animated clips within a few seconds - either directly into the Ad Libraries or onto your own PC. In addition to the personalized address in Creatives, many wording variants can be tested super fast.