4 Templates for your Employer Branding

Make your branding unique, outstanding and tie potential applicants and customers to your company.
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A strong employer brand makes us unique and anchors the minds of potential employees and our customers as well.

What are your core competencies? You should define them well to thereupon transmit them to your audience. Social media is a perfect way to tell potential applicants and customers what makes your company unique and to make your employer brand clear. Herewith you can let your audience get to know your brand better, build trust, commitment and tie them to your company.

As for many companies it’s hard to constantly create social media posts to make their employer brand stand out, Mate provides a huge library with professionally designed templates, which only must be filled in.

Here are some examples of templates for your employer branding:
1. The Behind the Scenes
It’s important to let your audience look behind the scenes to give them an imagination of who is standing behind your social media accounts and what your everyday life at work looks like. This can create a feeling of belongingness and connectivity and let potential customers build trust towards your company.
2. The Culture Presentation
As the company’s culture represents the values, standards as well as rules of conduct it’s interesting for your audience to disclose these to build commitment. You could also describe your brand in 2-3 words to highlight your benefits and strengths. Just like in our example, you can use carousels to make your post clear and well arranged.
3. The Employer Introduction
Another way to bring your brand closer to your audience is to introduce your employees to your audience to let them know who’s behind your brand and what they’re standing for. By getting to know the people behind the company potential customers could as well build trust, as people usually trust people more than abstract brands with no face behind it.
4. The Company News
And last but not least: you can present weekly or monthly news about your company to give insights into your goals and let your audience participate in your progress.
Those are just four out of the many effective templates you can use with the Mate software. All Mate templates can be customized with your company's own corporate design and branding and can be used either statically or animated, however a situation demands it.

Of course, Mate is not just limited to its library of pre-designed templates. You have an idea for a custom template or use case you want to cover with Mate? Our Team is happy to create the perfect custom template for you.

We enable marketers, agencies and all other human beings to produce awesome content – without any design effort. Save time and be more efficient while generating visuals that stand out.
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